Time Warner Speed test in Columbus, OH at 7:30am

Time Warner Speed test in Columbus, OH at 7:35am

Business Insider reported on a Time Warner Cable outage early this morning, affecting customers nationwide.  Users reported on Twitter that all services (internet, cable TV, and phone service) were down, along with the Time Warner Cable website; customer service phone lines reportedly rang busy. @TWC_Help tweeted just after 7a to report that they’re actively working to restore service.

Based on my Time Warner speed test this morning around 7:35am, speeds appear to be okay (I have the 20/2 package, so it’s a little low, but not too bad).  The latency is very high though – normal tests come in under 25ms.  It’s possible that Time Warner is throttling their speed test site right now since everyone is likely running this test.  My latency to google is about 30% higher than normal, though, and that’s a relatively consistent benchmark.

All SkyCamp Tech clients on Time Warner appear to be up right now and none were down last night according to our monitoring system.

UPDATE: According to Re/code, the outage was caused by routine maintenance.

Source: Business Insider