RepairShopr Ticket Processor

Backup ticket processing for when RepairShopr is having issues/delays


  • RepairShopr Ticket Processor works by monitoring a specified mailbox for new ticket requests and replies.  It will associate tickets with the correct company, and if they exist, the correct contact.  This will not add contacts (yet).
  • Attachments are fully supported as well.  Due to the way the RepairShopr API works, we need to use OneDrive as a temporary storage location.  


Most current limitations are due to restrictions in the RepairShopr API.  

  • Cannot set CCs
  • Cannot set contract


  • Office 365
  • Flow / Power Automate with premium connector (only need one licensed user)
  • Your RepairShopr tickets must be coming into a shared mailbox*
  • OneDrive for temp attachment storage, anonymous links enabled

*If you’re using a regular mailbox, I can make another version to do that.  Jus shoot me an email.  Or you can just convert that mailbox to a shared mailbox.


Follow these instructions to set this up in your environment.

1. Download the Flow template

2. Import into Flow

  1. Go to
  2. Go to My Flows -> Import
  3. Select the zip file
  4. For the Outlook and OneDrive connectors, click on ‘Select during import’ and choose or create a new connection
    1. Outlook- The user account should have full access to the support mailbox
    2. OneDrive- Any account. Your company sharing settings must allow for anonymous sharing links.
  5. Click Import

3. Customize Flow

Now that the flow is imported, open/edit.

There are 5 variables that need to be set inside the flow.


  1. Mailbox – full email address of that mailbox
  2. RS_API_Key – The RepairShopr user account that will be making the API queries. I’d recommend making a service account if you have an extra license, but any account will work.
  3. RS_Subdomain – Just the subdomain
  4. AlertEmails – list of emails to be notified in the event of a flow failure. Separate with semi-colon
  5. CustomerID – If no company match is found, tickets will be created under the company defined here.  Recommended to set to your primary company account or create one to hold tickets.  To get the company id, navigate to the customer page in RS and you’ll see it in the URL.

To get your API key, see here:



4. OneDrive Setup

Create a top level folder called FlowTemp in the OneDrive account being utilized.


Instructions unclear or missing something?  Please email me

How to use

Just turn it on when needed.

You may want to stop forwarding to RS as well so you don’t end up with any duplicates.

How to test

    • Use a test mailbox.  .  You’ll need to change the mailbox that it’s watching in the trigger and the Mailbox variable.


    • Add a trigger condition to only run if the email comes from a specific address.  To do that, click on the trigger menu (first step, 3 dots) and go to settings.
    • Click Add under Trigger Conditions
    • Enter this expression, and change the email to whatever email you’ll be sending from




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Here’s what the full flow looks like.  Click to embiggen