We’re offering a 5% discount on our annual cloud backup plans through the end of August.  Prepare yourself for the back to school rush by getting your backups set up ahead of time.  Refer a friend to an annual plan, and we’ll credit $5 to your account.

Dorm Room

via Daniel Foster on Flickr (https://flic.kr/p/avcyUj)

Higher-Learning.ca has a great blog post highlighting back to school essentials for college students living in a dorm room.  While they recommend Dropbox and an external hard drive for backing up your data, we’d recommend a cloud backup solution instead.

Sync services are great, but a cloud backup solution will backup (and keep) multiple revisions of your file.  This is an invaluable resource for students writing papers.  Perhaps you made a bunch of changes, but you realize you liked the version from the previous day better, or you just want to review it to compare.  With SkyCamp Tech’s cloud backup solution, a new revision is backed up every 15 minutes, with each of those revisions being kept for a week by default.  Want to store old revisions longer?  Not a problem.  The revision history can be adjusted to suit your needs.

We’re pretty passionate about backups here at SkyCamp Tech.  We all know someone that has lost important family pictures from a crashed hard drive, or accidentally deleted homework the night before it’s due.  Don’t be a cautionary tale; sign up for our cloud backup solution and keep yourself protected.  We’re offering an extra 5% off through the end of August (on top of the normal 10% savings) for our annual plans.  There is no promo code required, and it’s available to everyone.

Best of luck to all teachers and students heading back to school!