About SkyCamp Tech

How it All Began

We founded SkyCamp Technologies because we wanted to provide a better backup solution for our friends and family. We’ve all known people that have lost data at inopportune times (is there really a good time to lose data?) with no backups – or worse – thought they had backups but did not. We decided we would fix this by offering a managed backup solution so that our users can rest easy knowing their backups are running properly. Businesses enjoy many managed backup solutions, and we’d be happy to help businesses, too, but our primary goal was to extend our managed backup knowledge to the home and student market.

We’re so much more than cloud backups, though. With over 20 years of collective IT experience, we’re working in the SOHO and SMB market to provide great Business IT Solutions. Whether you’re looking for a rock-solid email and collaboration platform, managed cloud backups, a wireless solution for your office or restaurant, or servers hosted in a local datacenter, we’ll work with you to develop the right solution for your business.

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